Sep 28, 2013

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The Day Cloward met Piven

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130039 09/28/2013

John’s boralogue starts the program by applying the classic template test to the Starbucks decision not to allowed armed persons in their stores in order to see how that might work in other cases.

Recently we did a round table on change agents and how they function in government board meetings to steer audiences to pre-determined outcomes and also to deal with dissenters. This last week week a concerned parent was pitched out of a school board meeting and arrested for objecting to how the meeting was being conducted. Arnold Ahlert from Front Page Magazine ( is the first guest up.

Then by listener request, we’ll jump into the Cloward-Piven Strategy and how it can be used to effect change by overloading government. James Simpson returns to the program (

Finally John examines the controversy surrounding a lengthy interview of Pope Francis.

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Sep 21, 2013

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Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion under Fire

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130038 09/21/2013

Dr. Os Guinness is author of “The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity.” Dr. Guinness is our first guest, where he maintains that freedom of thought, speech, and conscience are under fire, and that freedom itself stands or falls with these traditional rights.

What can we learn from disasters? It’s ironic how those preparing for possible disasters are often demeaned as extremist “preppers,” especially when the country is awash (pardon the pun) examples of floods and other disasters where the prepared fared much better than those who weren’t. Notice the recent floods in Colorado. Sheri Fink is author of “Five Days at Memorial, Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital,” which portrays the complete breakdown of services in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and why thinking about disasters is essential.

As socialized healthcare spirals towards its inevitable rendezvous with failure, Christians will have be taking care of their elderly; but they’re singularly unprepared to do so and unaware of what that entails. Dick Lane ( is author of “Folie a Deux: A Madness Shared by Two.” Dick spent ten years caring for his father with Alzheimer’s. For Kindle: (

John’s boralogue examines the collapsing narrative of man-made global warming as a dire crisis requiring immense amounts of money. Important here is dissecting what happens when worldviews collapse, and how efforts are made to prop up even failing systems.

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Sep 14, 2013

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When Change Agents Come to Town

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130037 09/14/2013

What do change agents do?

This is not an idle question, because all sorts of agendas are being imported into local communities by well-funded foundations sponsoring change agents to create change in those communities, oftentimes over the wishes of the people living there.

How do change agents work when they come town and what can be done about it? Perhaps today’s program will solve a lot of those questions.

Karen Shoen from Agenders ( and Steve Goss are joining us today for a lengthy but informative change agents round table on defeating the consensus process.

John’s boralogue examines some of the more recent troubling statements of Pope Francesco. The program concludes with new reports on the conditions of Christians in Syria and Egypt during the turmoil there.

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Sep 7, 2013

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Toward a Militarized Police State – Part IV

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130036 09/07/2013

Today’s program is the last in our summer thread, “Toward a Militarized Police State.”

John’s boralogue follows last week’s program on the Common Core educational curriculum with an examination of what junior high students knew 100 years ago versus how poorly they’re doing today on far less challenging subjects.

Then columnist James Simpson joins us for an eye-opening revelation of exactly how SWAT teams are being used nowadays. A SWAT raid in Texas a couple of weeks ago on a 3.5 acre community garden yielded nothing but vegetables; not the marijuana they were supposed to find. Even so innocent men and women were handcuffed at gunpoint for long hours.

Mark Nestmann from the Nestmann Group ( follows in the next segment. Historically as governments and their central banks approach the end of their inflation game, they inevitably flop around searching for assets to seize from their citizens, which means an imposition of draconian laws plus a demonization of the classes from whom they intend to “attach” money or property. Mark outlines how this process is going on throughout countries in the west that are in trouble financially.

Finally we’ll round out the entire militarization series conversing with Dan Wilson, who’s a law enforcement officer and a long-time listener to the program.

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