Oct 26, 2013

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Religion as a form of Mental Illness

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130043 10/26/2013

So is religion a form of mental illness? Seems to be a trend that way in some academic circles. We’ve been warning that mental health will be the upcoming hammer for controlling dissenting groups and depriving them of rights. There’s a growing trend in Great Britain to label religion as a source of mental imbalance. Lee Duigon (http://leeduigon.com) has been monitoring the situation.

J.P. Morgan-Chase reached an agreement with the Justice Department to pay a record penalty for its role in the 2007 banking fiasco. But wait! The same government begged J.P. Morgan to buy troubled banks and save the system from collapse when they were all in trouble. Now it’s punishing them for what they were asked by government to do. Does this mean no good deed goes unpunished. Arnold Ahlert (www.frontpagemag.com & www.thepatriotpost.us) returns to the show.

More and more doctors are changing careers and leaving healthcare because they don’t wish to deal with the nonsense engendered by Obamacare. Some are recommending doctors and patients just “opt out.” Dr. Richard Amerling, M.D., (www.aapsonline.org), is associate professor of Clinical Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and author of “The Physicians’ Declaration of Independence.”

John’s boralogue focuses on how various methods for identifying trends and agendas can be applied to the circus surrounding the debt ceiling and Obamacare debates. It allows us to cut through the noise and identify the few simple core issues, one of which is religious freedom.

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Oct 19, 2013

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It’s Going to Be a Rough Show

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130042 10/19/2013

It’s going to be a rough show today as we address the dark side of socialism, where governments beat the heck out of certain classes of people to pay for the all goodies the politicians want to give away.

Some evangelicals promoting “social justice” maintain that the purpose of government is providing income equity, notably by wealth transfer. This is done by appeal to moral arguments and caring for those less fortunate. However, they “parhumpf” the idea that this is accomplished at the point of a gun. OK, we’ll show you. Attorney Michael Minns (www.minnslaw.com) is author of “The Underground Lawyer,” and he condemns Americans being abusively pummeled to pay for all the goodies politicians wants to give away.

Then we’ll see how veterans are losing their rights when returning from active duty. Michael Connelly (www.usjf.net) is executive director of the United States Justice Foundation. He joins the program to detail some real horror stories.

John’s boralogue summarizes what happened during the whole Kabuki theatre farce of the debt ceiling debate. The outcome was predetermined but there are real ramifications the media missed.

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Oct 12, 2013

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Middle East Update

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130041 10/12/2013

It’s time to do a Middle East update and patch together what seem to be a lot of moving blips on the geopolitical radar.

First J.D. Gordon from U.S. News and World Report (www.protectamericatoday.com and www.usnews.com) joins the program for a backgrounder on Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani. The world’s media seem to be describing him as a “moderate,” but he may actually be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His background might be a good clue as to what he’s up to.

Then Bill Koenig (www.watch.org) in the White House press corps is just back from the Middle East. So we’ll do a roundup of everything in progress in that region of the world.

The show rounds out with a commentary on how two thoughts have consequences: antisemitism and western secularist rejection of Christianity. These thoughts are having real world affects in the lives of thousands of people in Europe and the Middle East today.

John’s boralogue reminds listeners of the age-old government penchant to reject tax cuts by sending pain to the public, which is exactly what is happening as a result of the government shutdown. We’ll put some sense into the nonsensical drama going on in Washington over debt limits.

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Oct 5, 2013

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The Wish Lists vs. the Myth Lists

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130040 10/05/2013

John’s boralogue starts the program with a review of how close we may or may not be to an international currency crisis. So far, it’s a ways off.

Many politicians have wish lists of goodies they want to provide their constituents. This weekend’s show spends time examining the political “myth lists,” since many seem to be evaporating as we watch.

First off, the latest IPCC report on global warming was rolled out by the media along with trumpets and drums in one more attempt to resurrect the concept of anthropogenic global warming, even though the IPCC’s data seem to be showing the opposite. Joseph Bast from the Heartland Institute (www.heartland.org) contrasts the wish list with the myth list.

The Obamacare exchanges kicked off this week with the predictable panoply of confusion. Remember all the promises that were made during the wild healthcare reform debate about how great this was all going to be? We’ll go down the wish list of promises and compare them to the myth list of emerging reality. Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Ph.D., (www.canadafreepress.com) joins us.

John rounds out the show by tying together a series of news stories illustrating topics from the recent round table and other shows we have done.

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