Nov 30, 2013

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Why Sustainable Development Isn’t Sustainable

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130048 11/30/2013

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

John’s boralogue examines why the Pilgrims came to the shores of our country in the first place, and why the rights they sought through much trial and difficulty are under serious attack today by new “rights.”

We’re going to spend much of the program examining the concept of “sustainable development” as the antithesis of freedom. Politicians and environmentalists sling “sustainability” around like flapjacks at a church picnic. However, it’s only when there is recognition that it means a totally-controlled society where everything we do is monitored and controlled that the term loses its luster. Tom DeWeese ( joins us for most of the show today for an explanation of what this all means.

Freedom was a hard-won concept, requiring hundreds of years and much debating, sacrifice and fighting to establish. William Murchison is former editor of the Dallas Morning News and author of the book, “The Cost of Liberty, the Life of John Dickenson.”

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Nov 23, 2013

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Helping North Korea’s Nuke Programs Helps Iran

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130047 11/23/2013

John’s boralogue reviews the Middle East situation with a report on the Iran appeasement proposals being pursued by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, comparing those efforts with failed appeasements from the past, beginning with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1939 Munich and moving through North Korea.

Then Claudia Rosett from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies ( joins the program with a timeline of all the North Korean appeasement deals the U.S.has penned, identical to the Iran proposals, which only resulted in allowing North Korea to proceed with its nuclear weapons program.

John bridges to the next guest by reading emails from listeners and doing another segment on the history of Christianity, examining the Quartodeciman controversy of the early church.

Finally Bill Sardi ( returns to SOS. He recently penned an article for on the Federal Reserve’s consistent attempts to escape from responsibility for the monetary crises towards which we are rushing, given that its inflationary policies are creating an environment which makes it all possible.

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Nov 16, 2013

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Why Slippery Slopes Aren’t Fun

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130046 11/16/2013

Four guests and a boralogue on the show today. Guess you could say it’s busy.

Slippery slopes are technically fallacies in logic. However, John’s boralogue uses a history of property forfeiture abuse to demonstrate how political slippery slopes lead from good intentions to horrible results.

Last week Christian historian Diarmaid MacCollough was a guest expressing his views that Christians in the West don’t care about persecution of ancient Christian groups in the Middle East. This prompted negative responses from listeners. So this weekend we’ll offer an opposite view from Dexter van Zile at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (

Then we’re helping raise funds for aid relief for typhoon victims in the Philippines. The situation there is bad. Medical missionary Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., ( returns to for a brief report of International Healthcare Network’s activities. BTW: We have a button on our website main page allowing you to donate to the cause.

Then some members of government in both in UK and the US would like to muzzle journalists by attempting to form a legal definition of what a “journalist” is or using terrorism laws to scare them into silence. Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media ( returns to the program for a vibrant discussion.

We did a piece recently on standards in the Common Core Curriculum educational program President Obama is pushing. But there is more to it, notably the attitudes, values and beliefs being taught in public schools. Kathleen Marquardt ( guests.

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Nov 9, 2013

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Killing the Goose Trying to Lay Golden Eggs

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130045 11/09/2013

Today’s program divides into three parts.

The first section is economic as John’s boralogue lays the groundwork by reevaluating the crisis window of 2014. It seems to be sliding and stretching, but barring a rogue event, it will rotate around debt and inflation produced by the world’s major central banks.

There are rumblings of new taxes and methods of “mobilizing domestic revenue” (read wealth confiscation) on the horizon; it’s part of killing the goose that lays the golden egg and expecting it to keep laying after it’s dead. Bill Frezza ( from Forbes magazine ( premieres on the program for a projection of the new schemes being posed by global financial elites.

Section two switches to religion. Some churches believe Israel is the cause of Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Church historian and Oxford professor Diarmaid MacCulloch is author of “Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.” A recent article by Professor MacCulloch is creating somewhat of a controversy.

Section three goes political. The Obamacare train wreck is just starting as virtually all America is attempting to cope with its unknowns. So what are the next bumps to hit? Grace-Marie Turner is executive director of the Galen Institute ( joins us to discuss her article enumerating the bumps.

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