Nov 2, 2013

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Religious Freedom is the Bottom Line

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Today’s show flows in a series of connections between related dots, all of which are actually threats to freedom of thought and religion.

First, John’s extended boralogue details the radical disconnect between Washington’s rhetoric and the onrushing financial crisis. He does this by connecting the Obamacare slow motion train wreck with government debt and promises they can’t keep. We’ll start with a troubling October report from the International Monetary Fund, which may sound the warning horn of our next crisis.

Then we’ll examine the real world results of tolerance and political correctness movements in Europe and the United States. Hen Mazzig from Stand with Us Northwest ( speaks about Israel on college campuses. He has been overwhelmed by the intolerance and hatred among college faculty to his message, especially those who claim to be opposing racism and intolerance.

The real problem behind Obamacare is the effort to force religious groups to conform to actions repugnant to their belief systems; in essence freedom of religion. Dr. Jeff Myers, Ph.D., from Summit Ministries ( guests for a robust conversation on the lines now being drawn in the sand.

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