Nov 30, 2013

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Why Sustainable Development Isn’t Sustainable

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130048 11/30/2013

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

John’s boralogue examines why the Pilgrims came to the shores of our country in the first place, and why the rights they sought through much trial and difficulty are under serious attack today by new “rights.”

We’re going to spend much of the program examining the concept of “sustainable development” as the antithesis of freedom. Politicians and environmentalists sling “sustainability” around like flapjacks at a church picnic. However, it’s only when there is recognition that it means a totally-controlled society where everything we do is monitored and controlled that the term loses its luster. Tom DeWeese ( joins us for most of the show today for an explanation of what this all means.

Freedom was a hard-won concept, requiring hundreds of years and much debating, sacrifice and fighting to establish. William Murchison is former editor of the Dallas Morning News and author of the book, “The Cost of Liberty, the Life of John Dickenson.”

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