Dec 14, 2013

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Nelson Mandela was a Terrorist?

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So who was Nelson Mandela? John’s boralogue examines the belief system of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, using their own words to lay out a history that is radically different than the politically correct one in vogue today.

Then we’ll see how far Mandela’s legacy has taken South Africa in 20 years, where the country is now the murder capital of the world and another genocide seems to be in the making. Investigative journalist Alex Newman ( has lived in South Africa and maintains the world isn’t watching the negative direction the country is taking.

What happens to South Africa also affects Israel because of the nature of international guarantees. Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing peace negotiations by promising Israel the U.S. would guard the West Bank. However, western powers have a miserable track record of keeping their promises when it comes to safeguarding things.

So then is the U.S. Israel’s best ally? Dr. Francisco Gil-White, Ph.D., ( is author of The Collapse of the West: The Next Holocaust and Its Consequences. Dr. Gil-White maintains the U.S.’s long-term position has consistently been anti-Israeli ever since the beginning.

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