Jan 17, 2014

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Why Subscribe to Steel on Steel?

If you find the information on Steel on Steel relevant, consider showing your support by becoming a member. If you’re already subscribed, why not tell a friend? Learn More!

Our program can be heard around the world every week, free of charge on the radio. So you ask, “why should I subscribe?”

Steel on Steel is supported entirely by the financial support of our members. There are no sponsors paying for show production and we don’t sell advertising on either the radio program or on our website. You won’t see any off-site ads or have those annoying popups interrupt you when you’re on our site. Steel on Steel is not a 501(c)(3) organization and therefore, we don’t accept any tax-deductible donations.

As a subscriber you can access the podcast from your computer and portable devices 24/7 and replay or save important information. If you are, or you know of someone who would like to hear the show on audio CD, we have CD subscriptions available as well.

Our basic members have access to a year of archived shows and Premium members can access the archives of shows covering over a decade of what was important in the areas of news, politics, education and religion and how to connect the dots.

The continuation of this broadcast depends upon prayerful financial support. To all of our subscribers out there; thank you for your support of Steel on Steel.

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