Jan 25, 2014

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Hard Questions Obama Dodged about NSA Snooping

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140004 01/25/2014

Creationist Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye will debate each other February 4 in what may well become the evolution vs. creation debate of the century. But already secularist and atheist voices are saying this debate shouldn’t even take place. This is in reality a logical fallacy called “begging the question.” Why is it secularists, who claim to be following logic compared to religionists, are so willing to reason erroneously just to prevent a free exchange of ideas? John’s boralogue analyzes this dangerous phenomenon in the secular academic world.

We’ll spend a large part of the program asking the hard constitutional questions about NSA surveillance of Americans that President Obama’s speech didn’t answer. His speech didn’t really answer anything and kept people on both sides of this issue unsatisfied. Jeremy Rabkin is professor of law from George Mason University. He joins John to ask all the hard questions about NSA wiretapping which President Obama dodged.

Then Dr. Tim Ball, Ph.D., (www.drtimball.com) returns to the program again this week but, surprise, surprise, it’s not to discuss global warming. Rather it’s to discuss his concerns about the deteriorating education students receive in public education and what we can do to educate students as public education continues to implode.

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