Mar 15, 2014

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What Ever Happened to the New Age?

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140011 03/15/2014
Time for a Round Table program today. We’ll jump back into geopolitics next week since the world appears to be stably unstable right now.

For a long time the subject of things “New Age” was in great vogue. A lot of books were issues on the subject. So was it just a passing fad or did all of those ideas originating in Eastern mysticism and the occult go somewhere? Yes they did: Into mainstream thinking and into Christianity. Let’s find out how and where.

Today’s round table participants are Caryl Matrisciana (, author of “Wide is the Gate,” Warren Smith (, author of “Another Jesus Calling“, and Sarah Leslie ( host of the Herescope Blog.


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  1. “Whatever happened to the New Age?” .. Outstanding and interesting! Very badly needed information! Your guests were superb and knowledgeable. Thank you John, and please continue to keep us informed!

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