Mar 29, 2014

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The Collision of Rights Plays Out in the Supreme Court

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140013 03/29/2014

This week the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in the Hobby Lobby case regarding Department of Health and Human Services requirements that abortifacient contraception be covered by healthcare plans provided by Christian businesses to their employees. Attorney Erin Mersino is the Thomas More Law Center ( Senior Trial Counsel who attended arguments this week.

Then on to a spirited conversation with Benjamin Ryberg from the Lawfare Project ( to see how well freedom of speech is doing in its battle with political correctness.

Finally, it’s time to re-examine why hard questions must be asked about the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (questions the media were reluctant to tackle), especially given the international terrorism situation. Jeffrey Lord ( joins us.

In the light of recent claims during congressional hearings that preservation of our rights should be based on trust of bureaucrats to execute a “balance” between rights and security, John’s boralogue demonstrates why the protection of rights can’t be based on trust but rather on firm restraints placed on authority.


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