Apr 19, 2014

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So What’s the Western Range War All About?

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140016 04/19/2014

Happy Easter, everyone. First time in a while Eastern and Western dates for Easter fall on the same date.

Most people don’t get mad for no reason. So why then are so many farmers, ranchers, and property holders fuming at the Bureau of Land Management and other government agencies? John’s boralogue points out that understanding what’s at stake at different levels of reality from environmental to financial makes it easy to understand why.

Then we’ll continue this thread in a spirited discussion with James Simpson (www.examiner.com), who details all the financial dealings surrounding the Bundy ranch issue in Nevada. It’s far more than the mainline media reported.

Next, after Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, we posed the possibility of using an airplane to deliver a homemade nuclear bomb. Of course one should ask if that’s really feasible? Robert Gleason, author of The Nuclear Terrorist (www.thenuclearterrorist.com), says sadly so, especially since security around the world’s nuclear facilities is appallingly weak, making the theft of uranium and plutonium easy to accomplish.

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