Jun 14, 2014

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Too Many Laws Destroys Respect for Law

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140024 06/14/2014

John’s boralogue outlines goals for the program this summer: providing historical background for the “great collapsing” of politically correct narratives. Everything from economics to Middle East geopolitics has roots stemming from World War I, which broke out 100 years ago this year.

Phillip Howard (www.commongood.org)You know, it’s humorous to see politicians calling for strict enforcement of various laws, when congress and the current administration don’t observe them, refuse to enforce them or routinely violate the laws themselves. Let’s face it, we just have too many laws. Phillip Howard (www.commongood.org) is author of The Rule of Nobody, Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government.

How can education be so badly broken, but teachers don’t seem to realize it? It resembles a factory not understanding why consumers don’t like their products and instead blaming the problem on consumers. Professor Paul Peterson (www.savingschools.org) is author of Teachers vs the Public: What Americans Think about Schools and How to Fix Them.

After a recent school shooting, the problem was blamed on the assailant’s Asperger’s syndrome. Really? Are spectrum disorders from ADHD to autism really responsible for irresponsible behavior? Dr. Robert Mellilo, M.D., (www.brainbalancecenters.com) is an expert in this area.

A week ago the European Central Bank began a policy of negative interest rates for their member banks, meaning the banks pay the central bank to keep money there. Immediately rumors ran around the internet that our banks were going to begin charging us to make deposits. Well, not quite. Jim Puplava (www.financialsense.com) from the Financial Sense Newshour joins us for a few minutes to explain to listeners what happened and how long this game can be played.


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  1. In just speaking with John about his comment he clarified that he was referring to the Eastern European Jews as the victims of Third Reich extremism, not perpetrators of any extremism. (He needed to clarify that a bit).

    He will address this either in this week’s program or the next, but either way I think he was misunderstood.

  2. In the monologue today, at 2 min. 13 sec, your comment “because every movement has its extremest groups, say for example the Jews of Eastern Europe”.

    This I find disturbing. Are you say that the Jews in Eastern Europe are like Hamas an extremist group? What exactly are you saying? I choose to believe that you messed up the delivery.

    Please state your position on this matter more distinctly.

    Thank you.

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