Jul 19, 2014

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A Tale of Three Cities

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140029 07/19/2014

It is sobering to realize that socialist revolutions such as the French revolution of 1789 are most often triggered by massive government debt similar to that owned by the United States today. When government can no longer service debt, the resulting bankruptcy usually causes massive social chaos from which dictatorships emerge.

Following this thought thread, John’s extended boralogue begins by analyzing the origins of our border crisis as the product of the histories of three capital cities: London, Paris, and Madrid, and the legacies those cities left to their New World colonies for better or worse.

Then, if the United States is indeed plowing into an unsustainable currency and debt crisis, how close are we? Some would say any day now. Others maintain we have some cycles yet to go before things get scary. Chuck Coppes (www.chuckcoppes.com) is author of America’s Financial Reckoning Day and he returns to the program for another look at our status.

Then, constitutional attorney Michael Connelly (www.usjf.net) continues the ongoing mini-series on the U.S. Bill of Rights. Today’s segment focuses on the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Finally, as time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult for the main networks to maintain that their news coverage is unbiased. Some of their own reporters are disgusted with their inability to do objective news coverage because they are not allowed to do so. Geoffrey Dickens from Newsbusters (www.newsbusters.org) debuts on the program.


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