Aug 23, 2014

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Oklahoma City Revisited

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140034 08/23/2014

We’re taking the week off for vacation so we’ve revved up a special program.

It’s been 19 years since the terrorist attack on the Murrah Office building in Oklahoma City. Despite this time lapse, the government refuses to release surveillance tapes taken from numerous locations in front of the building, which would show what happened right up to the time of the explosion. One must ask, why?

To answer that we’ll start with a backgrounder by re-running portions of an our July 31, 2004 interview with Oklahoma City reporter Jayna Davis ( about her book, The Third Terrorist.

From that point we’ll jump forward to a lawsuit, which has been underway in Salt Lake City where plaintiff Jesse Trentadue is challenging the government’s refusal to release evidence. Leo Hohmann from Worldnetdaily ( is following this issue.

In the midst of the fiasco that immigration policy has become, what do the children of parents who have legally immigrated to the United States think about the situation and about patriotism in general? Jiovanni del Cristo’s ( father came to the United States from Cuba. He expounds on the issue.

Finally, we’ll do a quick update on the new trend of transhumanism with Joshua Matrisciana (



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