Sep 27, 2014

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The Russia-China Axis

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140039 09/27/2014

John’s boralogue kicks off today’s show by tying together listener comments about two different but related subjects from previous shows: the necessity of understanding church history and how replacement theology from the fourth century led to the modern form of anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jewish people, even having its effect on anti-Israelis in mainline Christian denominations.

Then we’ll move to constitutional issues and the case of a Christian Tulsa police officer who was punished for raising objections about forced Islamic proselytizing at a Muslim mosque as part of the department’s public relations program. Robert Muise from the American Freedom Law Center ( is a constitutional attorney handling the civil rights case of Police Captain Paul Fields.

Then onto the last in a series of weekly visits by constitutional attorney Michael Connelly from the United States Justice Foundation ( This week we’ll focus on the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Bill of Rights.

Finally we’ll continue the thread we began last week examining the new geopolitical paradigm changes and growing international tensions. Melik Kaylan (Twitter: @melkaylan) is co-author of The Russia-China Axis: The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership.


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Sep 20, 2014

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China and the New Global Paradigm – Part1

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140038 09/20/2014

John’s boralogue maps out the borders and details of the new emerging global paradigm, setting it in contrast to those early on “world orders” through which we have already passed.

Senator Ted Cruz created a row when speaking at an “In Defense of Christians” conference last week, targeting support for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. The senator made his statement that Israel is the Christian’s greatest friend in that part of the world, for which he was booed. Why that happened can be understood by examining the organization sponsoring this conference. Dexter van Zile ( from the committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting joins the program.

Next we’ll open a new thread on the global goals of China and Russia. Both countries along with the United States and European Union find themselves on a monetary time clock, allowing only a limited window of opportunity for doing whatever it is they intend to do. Gordon Chang ( writes for Forbes and other publications. First question: Will Hong Kong survive as a Switzerland of the Far East?

Then on to the weekly visit with constitutional attorney Michael Connelly ( from the United States Justice Foundation. This week’s subject is the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

Finally, ideas do have consequences. Evolutionists like to dodge the ultimate moral and philosophical implications raised by Darwinism when it comes to human rights. Both World Wars I and II were driven by Social Darwinistic ideas of inferior races. Dr. Richard Weikart, Ph.D., is a fellow at the Discovery Institute and professor of history at California State University Stanislaus.

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Sep 13, 2014 | Member Only

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Disorienting College Students During Orientation

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140037 09/13/2014

We’ve often said that political correctness is killing us and it is. Recall that PC doesn’t care whether something is true or not; it just tests to see if what is being said or done matches PC orthodoxy. John’s boralogue details how political correctness in Great Britain allowed the rapes of 1,400 young women to go unstopped for over a decade. It’s a major scandal in that country but our media have ignored it.

Speaking of political correctness, with fall “falling” on the nation again, new students are flooding onto college campuses, where orientation sessions should actually be designated indoctrination courses. Jennifer Kabbany from ( debuts to describe some of the nonsense roaring around colleges today.

Then Mark Nestmann ( explains how U.S. FACTA laws which went into effect on July 1, 2014, are seriously crippling the ability of U.S. citizens to live or work abroad. We’re the only country in the world to impose this kind of onerous regulation on foreign banks.

Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly from the United States Justice Foundation ( provides his weekly commentary on the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, focusing on Amendment #7 this week.

As the Internal Revenue Service continues to “lose” more emails related to a scandal where it allegedly targeted conservative organizations to harass them, it seems an even greater scandal has been underway in Wisconsin, where prosecutors are accused of trumping up charges against conservative politicians in order to defame them and defeat them in elections. Professor William Jacobson is a law professor at Cornell University and publisher of The Legal Insurrection blog.

Finally we’ll shift gears. Oftentimes Christians and pastors say very silly things when discussing theological issues because they are ignorant of church history and the decisions of previous generations. We’ll have an interesting conversation with church history professor Dr. Robert Rea, Ph.D., about this subject as he delineates themes from his new book, Why Church History Matters – An Invitation to Love and Learn from Our Past.


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Sep 6, 2014

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The New-Old Antisemitism in France and Europe

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140036 09/06/2014

We’re back from vacation. Hope your summer went well (winter for those in the southern hemisphere.)

John’s boralogue analyzes some characteristics of the global paradigm shift through which we’re passing right and then explains how President Obama’s actions in geopolitics are consistent with his background as a community organizer.

We’ve discussed collapsing narratives a lot. Rising antisemitism in Europe is at the crux of several bankrupt narratives: Islam is a religion of peace, Europe shed the antisemitism of World War II and the biggest social problem in Europe is Islamophobia. Michel Gurfinkiel ( from the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute in Paris premiers to explain how the new antisemitism is a dangerous mix of the old right, the new left and Islamic immigrant hatred of Jews and Israel.

Since 9-11 it seems to be common for government agencies to justify end-running liberty protections in the constitution by saying we need to do it for national security. The real question is rising as to whether some agencies are so cloaked in secrecy now that they are poised to go rogue, running out of control and oversight. Dr. Ivan Eland, Ph.D., from the Independent Institute ( returns for a conversation on this important issue.

Finally, the Ebola epidemic in Africa is worse than many think with shortages of supplies and medicines. Emergency preparedness guru and medical missionary Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., ( from the International Healthcare Network rejoins the program for a requesting to listeners to consider helping him get supplies to where they’re needed.



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