Oct 4, 2014

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Replacement Theology and Modern Antisemitism

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140040 10/04/2014

Much to do so we’ll skip the boralogue today.

With the issue of Ebola on everyone’s mind, the subject of emergency preparedness in a time of pandemic is important to revisit briefly. Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., (www.whenallplansfail.com), author of the emergency preparedness series, When All Plans Fail, joins us to talk about what we can do.

Then we’ll pick up a thread of church history by examining the historic roots of replacement theology in the ancient church, how it has flowed to modern times, and left havoc in its wake. Dr. Daniel Juster (www.tikkunministries.org) premiers on the program from Jerusalem.

Listeners have asked how to solve the dilemma of supporting freedom of religion but at the same time recognizing the possibility that some form of stealth jihad is underway in Europe and the U.S. We’ll address that as Dr. Mark Christian, M.D, (globalfaithinstitute.org) is our next guest.

Finally, there’s a new highly-rated Ken Burns documentary on PBS about the Roosevelts, both Teddy and Franklin. Unfortunately, despite being a quality production, the documentary repeats some of the myths about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration and its effects on the Great Depression. Stephen Moore from the Heritage Foundation (www.heritage.org) joins us to set some records straight.

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