Dec 6, 2014

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Devious Minds

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140049 12/06/2014

In this week’s boralogue, John proclaims personal responsibility and the need to behave honorably no matter what thoughts or actions we face. When police brutality and racism rear their ugly heads, those who are wronged should still, regardless of the system, take responsibility for their actions and their lives.

“Bush lied, people died,” so says the bumper sticker. Kicking off the show, Carter Andress (, president of American-Iraqi Solutions Group, a security management firm specializing in high-risk environments, discredits the bumper sticker, discussing the reality of WMDs in Iraq as well as the status of Iran’s nuclear program.

Joel Narlock (, author of several books including the new novel Drone Games, explores the rise of unmanned aerial vehicle sales in the private sector marketplace and the very real danger that drones could cause.

Constitutional attorney and Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Foundation, Michael Connelly, ( and, continues his point by point examination of the U.S. Constitution this week by analyzing amendment number 25.

Next on the program, Ryan Jones (, reporter and editor for Israel Today in Jerusalem, shares his views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, disparities in how each side views the other, and the western media’s distorted narrative of the war.

Finally, Seton Motley ( and, president of Less Government, a DC-based non-profit, speaks about net neutrality, the dangers of government interference in operation of the internet, and the threat of regulating online speech.


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