Jan 10, 2015

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Sharia-ism is Here

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150002 01/10/2015

In the wake of the tragedy in Paris this week, John takes a look in his boralogue at islamaphobia and how hate speech laws are a farce and an impediment to freedom of speech. He also addresses the need for Islam to modernize and whether the rest of us can survive the violence until then.

First up on the program is Joy Brighton (www.joybrighton.com), former Wall Street trader and author of the book Sharia-ism is Here. She will examine the slow stealthy growth of radical Islam in the United States, and how that growth is being fueled both by political correctness and a general ignorance that there’s a problem.

Switching topics, we visit with Ed Smart (www.ourrescue.org), project leader at Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). He recalls the abduction of his daughter Elizabeth in 2002, the need for education among children regarding bullying, abuse and internet predators, and the processes of OUR to rescue children from traffickers and abusers.

For our paid subscribers, our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6, is back from holiday hiatus. John is back with comments on important stories making news around the world.

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  1. Laurie Miller says:

    I cringe when someone translates “Allah” into “God”. (Like at the 2 minute mark today.) Does anybody not know who Allah is?

    But John L. speaks thoughtfully and deliberately. So I wonder why he did that.

    It has seemed to me that usually the translation of Alahu Akbar into God is Great[er] is done by atheists in the media who are quite happy to tar all faiths together when reporting religious atrocities.

    Allah isn’t YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which is what most of us in this culture mean when we say God.

    I believe our nation has been blessed because our God is (or was) the LORD (YHWH).

    I feel icky when our culture genericizes God and equates Him with Allah. Am I wrong?

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