Jun 5, 2015

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Get More out of Your Membership – Go Premium!

Veritas Lounge for Premium Subscribers

For listeners with a hunger for more, we have a Premium service on our site that lets subscribers listen to all the shows going back to January of 2002 as well as unlimited access to Veritas Lounge! There’s full-length DVD videos, downloadable digital resources and more! Watch or listen on your mobile devices and take the archives wherever you go. Stream the lecture videos for your small group study. We have a Program Guide to help you find the particular shows you want to hear. For an interactive list of all the shows available, click here.

Watch free full-length videos, download exclusive resources, get special Premium discounts and more, all at the Veritas Lounge!Why Go Premium? Here’s What You’ll Get!

The $120 annual Premium subscription grants immediate archive access to download entire Steel on Steel programs spanning over a decade as well as access to Veritas Lounge, our premium content area featuring all of our DVD videos free to watch, plus more audio downloads, digital resources and special Premium discount offers on Media Store items!

Already a subscriber? Upgrade to Premium today!

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