Nov 1, 2015

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Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS

Now with your Premium subscription, you can listen to over a decade of Steel on Steel programs on-the-go, right at your fingertips!

Tap the icons to download the right app for your device!

Compatible Apps for Android

Get Podcast Addict for Android in the Google Play Store! FREE

Add the Steel on Steel Podcast to Podcast Addict for Android Smartphones and Tablets:

In the main screen in the Podcast Addict App:

1. Press the main screen + button to add a new podcast. Then select the ‘RSS feed’ option.
2. You will then be able to enter the podcast RSS feed URL for Steel on Steel:
3. Once subscribed,  long press (or tap and hold) on the Steel on Steel podcast in the main podcast page and in a few seconds and a menu will appear. Tap Custom Settings and then tap Edit Podcast URL . Click the checkbox for Authentication and then enter your username and password. If you ever need to change you password, repeat the above steps.

Get BeyondPod for Android in the Google Play Store FREE!

Try BeyondPod for Android smartphones and tablets!

If Podcast Addict won’t work on your device, check out BeyondPod. The weekly Steel on Steel podcast is secured with your login info, so it’s important to use an app that can handle authenticated podcasts like ours.


Compatible Apps for Apple iOS

Get Downcast for iOS in the Apple App Store! $2.99

Add the Steel on Steel Podcast to Downcast for Apple iOS Devices – iPhone and iPad

In the main screen in the Downcast App:

1. Tap the + icon at the bottom to add a new podcast.
2. In the Add Podcasts screen, tap Add Podcast Manually.
3. Enter the podcast URL
4. Enter your username and password, tap Done and then at the top of the screen, tap Subscribe.
5. Tap the Downloads icon at the bottom of the screen and enable the download que.

Playing the weekly podcast is as simple as tapping the icon in the main screen and selecting the episode to play.

To view or change your stored login info for the podcast, tap the Steel on Steel podcast icon in the main screen. On the next screen, tap the Gear icon on the bottom right. Go all the way to the bottom of the Settings page. Under Login Credentials, you can edit your login info. If the podcast won’t play or if you think the settings are incorrect, you can always just delete the podcast from the main screen and set it back up using the instructions above.

Download RSSRadio FREE in the Apple App Store!

Get RSSRadio for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for a free app to download your weekly podcast on your iOS devices, try RSSRadio! Tap the icon to download it for free in the Apple App Store!

Please note, app functionality may depend on your installed iOS and current app version. We can’t guarantee that the apps will function properly after updates.


Don’t bother with the Apple Podcast App

Apple has stopped support for authenticated podcasts like ours through their Podcast App for iOS. You can still access the Steel on Steel podcast through iTunes on your desktop Macs and PCs, but until Apple gets back in the secure podcast for iOS game, you’ll need another app to listen to the shows.

We’ll continue to look for more and better ways for you to listen to the weekly programs. Until then, use these links to find the appropriate app for your devices.

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