Jan 30, 2016

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EMP Warning

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160005 01/30/2016

The issue is never the issue especially when it comes to Israel, Palestine, and the “occupation.” In this week’s boralogue, John shows that Canada’s recent admonishment of the Israeli occupation of supposed Palestinian territory was more about demonizing Israel. A clip from journalist Caroline Glick exposes the actual motivation behind Palestinian actions. The issue is never about the issue – it’s always about the outcome.

North Korea tested what they claimed to be a hydrogen bomb earlier this month, but could it have been something else? Furthermore, could it have been for someone else? Joining us for a roundtable discussion this week are James Hyde (www.amilimani.com), Director of Operations for the Amil Imani National Security Initiative and Peter Huessy (www.afa.org), President of GeoStrategic Analysis.

They reveal that North Korea, most likely on behalf of Iran, tested instead an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, and go on to discuss the Middle East oil picture, the history of EMP, and our government’s response (or lack thereof) to the danger. What will life be like with no power for months or even years following an EMP attack?

Last year was the hottest on record, according to leading climate scientists. But have temperatures really risen or has the data been manipulated? Former Meteorology Professor at MIT Dr. Richard Lindzen (www.mit.edu), examines how data points can say whatever scientists want and shows how the prevailing thought on global warming seems to be waning. When the truth begins chipping away at the narrative, though, progressives heat up the propaganda.

Finally, John looks at Bernie Sanders and his answer to how he plans to pay for the myriad of free things he is promising to his constituents. The Sandman is correct in identifying problems. But he’s wrong in identifying both the causes and the solutions.

John’s quote of the week:
“The issue is never the issue, the outcome is always the issue. You will see in many areas of political agendas that issues are so hot one moment. For example, the ozone hole – remember we went through that? All of a sudden, that was dropped in favor of global warming because they got more mileage out of that one.”

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