Apr 23, 2016

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Not as it Seems

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160017 04/23/2016

Socialism is gaining popularity in the United States, from Bernie Sanders hawking free everything and demanding higher taxes to university curricula disparaging capitalism. In this week’s boralogue, John looks deeper at socialism and asks: why, after failing every time it has been implemented, would anyone ever consider it a viable option? Socialist regimes bemoan capitalism at every turn but ultimately seek it out when all the money runs dry. America needs to stand up now and shout down this failed system!

Chinese communist leaders are continuing a campaign of religious persecution across their country. Bob Fu (www.chinaaid.org), Founder and President of China Aid Association, examines the government’s motivations and shows that even legally sanctioned Christian churches are experiencing forced confessions, jail time, and even death.

Non-Muslims in Pakistan are persecuted as well through their dangerous blasphemy laws. Author and blogger Shamila Ghyas (www.twitter.com/ShamilaGhyas) gives examples of the laws’ power and goes on to explain that most Muslims are non-violent and need stand up to the extremists.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador on April 16th, killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Wayne Stauble, a real estate developer in the country, describes the devastating aftermath of the quake and the need for preparedness in a time of crisis. Our prayers go out to those in Ecuador.

Finally, what exactly happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 in March 2014? H. Richard Austin (www.thecomingofarmageddon.com), financial analyst and author of The Coming of Armageddon, analyzes factual evidence of what happened to the flight and proposes that the plane was hijacked for future use in a terrorist event.

John’s quote of the week:
“The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of somebody else’s money. Socialism has never survived by itself and has always had to turn to capitalism to bail itself out.”

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  1. Russell Martin says:

    I have to take issue with the section on Islam. First, please don’t refer Israel as Palestine. This is what the PC crowd and Muslims want. Next, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Those that are ex-Muslims and those that experienced Islam first hand as a non-Muslim will tell you that those that call themselves as moderate are in reality hypocrites. Consult with Usama Dakdok at The Straight Way of Grace Ministries. He will tell you what Islam really is. Islam can never be reformed. It is a cult that has to die completely.

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