Nov 7, 2016

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Section Six – Full-Length Free Preview!

seg6smSo what’s the deal with Section Six?

Many radio listeners have asked us about John’s hour-long Section Six Intelligence Brief, not heard on the radio broadcast version of the weekly show. Click the button below to get an idea of what it’s all about!

Why Section Six? Steel on Steel is divided into five parts for broadcasters to air the program on hundreds of radio stations across the nation. Section Six is added to the end of the online subscriber version of the show as a regular part of the weekly podcast. This makes the full program six segments in length, which typically runs over two hours each week.

Click the button below to listen a recent Section Six, or subscribe today for just $10 a month. We also have archives going back over a decade for Premium members.You can access the show on mobile devices with a podcast app or by visiting our website and listening or downloading the episodes with your paid membership.

You can also hear Section Six along with the entire broadcast free for a month when you subscribe to the Free 1 Month Trial membership.

Get started today!

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