Apr 29, 2017

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Geopolitically Correct

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170017 04/29/2017

Language and words are important in today’s political and theological debates, but leftists are looking to shut down debate by changing the definitions of words. In this week’s boralogue, John shows the devolution of free speech in Berkeley from the 1960s through today. We can allow people to speak as we do in a free society. We can ban all speech as they do in totalitarian countries. Or we pick and choose like we’re doing now.

The Iran agreement in 2015 by the Obama administration has had problems from the outset. Emily Landau (www.inss.org.il), Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies in Israel examines the agreement’s shortcomings and how the United States will proceed with Iran under President Trump.

Narratives by the Left and the media about Russian collusion with Donald Trump have turned out to be untrue. Cliff Kincaid (www.aim.org), Director of the Center for Investigative Journalism at Accuracy in Media joins us to discuss narrative spinning once wiretap allegations against Team Trump proved to be true and what’s really happening behind the scenes between Russia and the U.S.

Socialism has never succeeded at any time in history and current events in Venezuela are no exception. Marian Tupy (www.cato.org), Senior Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute, relates his experience growing up in Communist Czechoslovakia, explaining the realities of socialism, and warns us that the U.S. is walking down a dangerous path.

John’s quote of the week:
“Speech that upsets people is not protected but it’s OK when their speech upsets people. And despite all the blather about what speech is protected and what isn’t, since shaming isn’t working anymore, the whole effort now is to shut people up while pretending that you’re not shutting people up.”

This week during our Section 6 Intelligence Briefing, John addresses the topic of freedom of speech as well as more coverage on the ‘Fake News’ phenomenon.

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