Jul 15, 2017

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Security Weekend

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170028 07/15/2017

President Trump lauded the benefits and wonders of western civilization in his speech in Poland last week. As predicted, the media and the left protested and lost their minds. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at why President Trump’s speech was not advocating white supremacy, as some on the left suggest, and why the West is a wonderful culture. Millions around the world fight to immigrate to the West. It is not because it’s a horrible civilization.

The Drug Enforcement Agency’s mission is to enforce drug laws and bring to justice criminals and organizations who endanger our country through illegal drug trafficking. Retired DEA Special Agent Jeffrey Higgins (www.jeffreyjameshiggins.com) joins us on security weekend to discuss the nexus between drug trafficking and terrorism and examine the pros and cons of legalizing certain drugs.

At the forefront of securing our nation is Immigration and Customs Enforcement, formerly the INS, whose mission is to govern our borders and enforce federal customs and immigration laws. Michael Cutler (www.michaelcutler.net), Retired Special Agent with INS analyzes America’s immigration problems and the criminals who circumvent the system, enter our country, and ultimately terrorize our citizens.

John’s quote of the week:
“The very same people who are preaching to us that all cultures are equal want all of these immigrants from Africa and the Middle East and Latin America to invade western countries. The question is: why do those people want to come here? Because they know the culture they’re fleeing from is not equal to western civilization. It is better in the western countries.”

This week on Section 6 we’ll talk about civil asset forfeiture and IRS abuse, scripture and science, the importance of worldviews, and a historical outlook of Christianity and western civilization.

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