Nov 11, 2017

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The Illogic Chronicles

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170045 11/11/2017

The illogic chronicles have been in full swing this past year as hypocrisy abounds and common sense is ignored. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at California, fake news, and Vatican bishops who are in favor of global warming and gun control. When logic is tossed aside, chaos ensues but reality will eventually win out. It’s up to us to be prepared and stay true. Plus John analyzes Tom Steyer’s call for impeachment in our clip of the week.

Are social media sites consistent in their enforcement of “community standards?” Ben Weingarten (, Founder and CEO of ChangeUp Media, shows how YouTube and Google are circumventing the First Amendment via hate speech laws. Their targets: why only conservatives, of course!

Does the UN protect the sovereign equality of all its Members, as its charter states? Attorney and author Joseph Klein ( discusses how one country – Israel – isn’t quite as equal in the UN’s eyes as other member states. The Organization has endorsed and sometimes funded anti-Israel activities.

John and producer Steve dive into the illogical statements and hypocritical ideas of college professors and media pundits as part of our illogic chronicles series.

Finally, we take a look at why there is no peace in the Middle East. Philip Carl Salzman (, Anthropology Professor at McGill University in Montreal joins us and explains where true loyalty lies in the Middle East and how peaceful the region would be if Israel didn’t exist.

John’s quote of the week:
The First Amendment – freedom of speech and religion – is guaranteed. It is joined at the hip with the Second Amendment. If you can destroy the Second Amendment, it’s not going to be far behind before the First goes as well.

In this week’s Section 6: Tax reform that’s really not reform, the Roy Moore sex scandal, calling everything racist – including the national anthem, and advice for winter conditions. We close with a persecution update.

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