Feb 9, 2018

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Get Worldview Upgrade 2.0 – Subscribe Today!

WVUpdateSo what’s a worldview, you ask?

Socrates said gnōthi seafton Know thyself“. The Bible, in Proverbs 23:7 states: “As a man thinks, so is he“. The German word for it is weltanschauung, meaning “world-wide perception”. The struggle over this philosophical concept is called weltanschauungskrieg. That’s where we get the title of John’s lecture course, “Worldview Wars“, available in our Media Store.

Everybody already has Worldview 1.0 installed. It’s the operating system that governs how you conduct life and see the world around you. Here at Steel on Steel we seek to improve the worldviews of our subscribers through sharpening the way people think and getting to the truth behind the steady stream of relativist, collectivist garbage we hear coming from the mainstream media. Check out our list of 27 common logical fallacies running rampant through our culture. Download them here, FREE!

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