Jan 1, 2019

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Members-Only Podcast: Setup and Pro Tips

Why two separate podcast feeds; and what’s the difference?


The Steel on Steel Short Show

The Steel on Steel Short Show (Free!)

You’ve probably already heard the Steel on Steel ‘Short Show’ or have seen it in your podcast directory. This public feed serves as a short, half-hour, free sample of what our paying members hear each week. It’s usually limited to John’s Boralogue and the first guest segment. Sometimes we run longer ‘throwback’ episodes as teasers. The Short Show airs twice each week on Friday and Tuesday.

The weekly, full-length Steel on Steel program
Steel on Steel Staff

The Steel on Steel Broadcast (Members-Only)

We also publish a secure, password-protected ‘Members-Only’ feed of the weekly, full-length, Saturday shows. These longer, in-depth programs include John’s commentaries, several guest interviews, news updates and extras. It’s also ad-free! We have a 30 Day Free Trial to get you started, and subscriptions start at just $10 a month. Unfortunately, the secure episodes can’t be accessed directly in podcast libraries like iTunes, etc. (Steel on Steel appears there but the episodes display an “Episode Unavailable” error if you try to play them.) In addition, the Apple Podcasts app doesn’t support password-protected feeds. However, we have a workaround, as described below.


Getting started.

If you haven’t already subscribed, you will need a password in order to access these full-length episodes and a compatible podcast app to access the protected feed. Why not get started with a 30 Day Free Trial? All we need is an email address to send the temporary password to. If you’re looking to dive in to hundreds of full-length shows, videos, and more, go for the Premium subscription package with Veritas Lounge access for video content and special benefits. Learn more.

Access the Members-only podcast.

Apple’s Podcasts app for iOS doesn’t support authenticated feeds like ours. Get a compatible app here!

After you’re subscribed, use an app that allows authentication by username and password. There are just two criteria that these Steel on Steel compatible podcast apps need:

1. The Steel on Steel podcast URL: https://www.steelonsteel.com/podcast.php  *Pro Tip: Tap and hold on the URL to open the link options menu on your device. Select ‘Copy’, then paste the URL into your podcast app later in the setup process. Do not open the URL in News for iOS or the Apple Podcasts app. Apple’s apps don’t support password-protected feeds like ours.

2. Your Steel on Steel membership login details (Remember: username and password are case-sensitive)


Get Overcast for iOS Free in the Apple App Store!

Use this setup guide to get started with a compatible app, or view troubleshooting tips and resolve common issues. Using compatible podcast apps like Overcast and Downcast is the simplest way to listen. The weekly show can be set to download automatically, and because the app stores your username and password, there’s no need to repeatedly login.


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