Jan 25, 2019

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Coming Soon: Group Subscriptions!

Group Subscriptions are coming!

Soon you’ll be able to purchase blocks of prepaid recurring subscriptions at a discount. Sharing the Steel on Steel program and archives with like-minded people has never been easier! We’ll also offer the Premium service so members can access the Veritas Lounge for streaming videos and more!

How it works:

As a “Group Owner” you can create a group from just two, to thousands of members, at significant savings over the cost of individual subscriptions. Once you set up your group, adding members is a snap! You just send a special invitation link to anyone you want to have free access. The recipients simply click the link and create a profile in two easy steps. They can immediately listen to the recent program plus hundreds of archived shows, and stream videos in the Veritas Lounge on all their devices!

Your group invitation link can be shared any way you want and you can track and edit members of your group in the “My Group” page in your account. Send it in an email or display it on a web page; it’s up to you how you want to invite members to your group. You can also just add members manually and share their new login information with them in a nice gift card or email.

We’re still working out the details, but discounts and options for group subscriptions will be significant. Whether you just want to pay for a friend’s subscription, or you’re part of a study group or church and want them to benefit, the options and savings are a genuine plus.

Look for more information coming soon on this topic. We’ll send out some introductory emails and have more info on our site in the Membership Guide and in the notifications area of your Members Control Panel. If you have questions, we’re here to help!

Interested in creating a group?

Contact us by email or call our toll-free number for more details. 1-800-829-5646

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