Apr 27, 2019

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Veritas Lounge – Free Sample Video

Coming Persecution 2 (Talking to a Tipping Point)     Listen to the MP3 audio.


Persecution of Christians is on a dramatic rise around the world. What should the Church do in preparation of this difficult reality? John delivered this important address at the Worldview Weekend conference in Branson, Missouri as an update to his previous presentation titled: ‘The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West‘.

Gain insight into the worldview war raging around us and become equipped to withstand the onslaught. There is hope for the ones who prepare for the times ahead; don’t be caught defenseless.


Total run time: 53 minutes.

Available formats:

DVD Disc $19.99

Streaming – Included with your Premium membership. Stream this video and others for free in the Veritas Lounge for Premium members! Learn more here.


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