Oct 3, 2020

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Fundamental Reformation of America

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A train wreck of a debate occurred this week so John, his wife Carol, and Producer Steve combined forces to comb through the wreckage. There is no way to intelligently discuss important topics in the span of two minutes and when candidates talk over each other, the whole spectacle becomes just a bunch of noise. But the core questions underlying this and everything else is: will we reform by going back to the freedoms that made this country great, or will we plunge headlong into a Marxist transformation of our society?

Gerard LameiroIn addition to the debate this week, we are now one month away from the election. Will there be chaos? Who will win? Here to answer these questions and more is election forecast expert Gerard Lameiro (www.greatnewsforamerica.com) who covers why the polls are often wrong. He also predicts the final electoral college count this fall and asserts that this is the most important election in America since the time of the Founding Fathers.

Last weekend, a story in the New York Times emerged highlighting President Trump’s tax returns for the last several years. John and Producer Steve discuss what the Times was really trying to do with the story and the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. John also gives his thoughts on how taxes should be in this country.

Finally we play a portion of John’s interview with Lee Lancaster at KYMS radio last weekend where he covers several topics including the Supreme Court, face mask controversies, education, and more.


10/03/2020 Fundamental Reformation of America

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Studio Round Table (John, Carol, Steve) – Debate Analysis (1:55)
2 – Gerard Lameiro – Election Forecast (21:49)
3 – John & Producer Steve – Trump Tax Returns Story (39:35)
4 – John on KYMS – Current Events: SCOTUS, Face Masks, Education, Etc. (57:45)

      End of Show (1:19:10)


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