Jan 4, 2021

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John Loeffler: Globalists Make the Fight for Freedom Painful

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How do globalists go about furthering their agenda?  They have a long rolling plan that’s easy to spot if you know what to look for.  On today’s podcast, John starts out the new year describing this long-rolling agenda and the ultimate goal of eroding sovereignty.  The European Union has done this.  Even the U.S. government has done this toward the states for the last century.  It’s a way to contain the debate and get people gradually used to the new markers that are set until the objective is met.  John explains the plans of change agents who bring these agendas to your town.  Whether it be the EU or the Marxists working in this country, they put gradual pressure on us until the pain of leaving their oppressive regime is greater than the pain of caving to their agenda.


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