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Welcome to Steel on Steel! We’re a weekly program dedicated to the sharpening of ideas, news commentary, interview, information and debate. Much of which you will not hear elsewhere!

Our goal and pledge for the last twenty-plus years that we’ve been blasting out into the airwaves, has been to be an early warning service to connect seemingly unrelated dots in the areas of economics, politics and religion. Project seemingly unrelated trends and show you how those trends are all really coming together just over your horizon, where for the most part, the herd doesn’t see them because the herd is always running in the wrong direction.

The mainline media likewise, are looking in the rear view mirror trying to tell us where we’re going. When something finally happens they say “where did that come from!” But if you’d been listening to this program, you would have known because what we try to do is stay somewhere between twelve, twenty-four, seventy months out ahead of everyone else so that you know what the trends are and you can take whatever action is appropriate within your life prayerfully. By the way, you should do that.

So, because all of that is true and because we are an early warning service and the media doesn’t cover things by ignorance, bias or neglect; your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.


John Loeffler

 Steel on Steel Media Production Services

For over 25 years, news radio has been the main focus here at the Steel on Steel studio. However, it’s not just the Steel on Steel Radio show that keeps us busy. We produce high quality audio for public radio and internet podcasts. Our highly trained staff records, edits, and produces some of the best audio on the market today!

Do you currently have a radio program or podcast and want that professional sounding edge? We can fully produce multiple voice, radio quality programming with intro and outtro bumper music and midstream transitions, adding that well-polished quality that sets you above your peers.

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