Help Page

This page is here to help assist you with common questions or issues you may encounter.

We also have a special Podcast Apps Help Page for troubleshooting issues with mobile devices.

 Scroll down this page to browse the most common help topics folks ask about. If you need to speak with our Member Services staff, just give us a call or send us an email with your question. Click the Contact Us tab on the main menu to send a request or call 1.800.829.5646 and we’d be happy to help! Be sure to check out our Membership Guide for handy tips on how to get the most out of your subscription!


How do I modify my account and billing settings and subscription preferences?

In the upper right-hand corner of the web page is the Members Control Panel menu. From there you can change all aspects of your subscription.

Click Change Password to update your password.
Click My Subscriptions to modify aspects of your subscription such as recurring billing or to upgrade, renew or cancel your subscription.
Click View Transactions to list all the subscription transactions charged on your account.
Click Payment Methods to add, edit or remove a credit card. Also handy for updating your card expiration date.
Click View/Edit Profile to modify your contact and billing info.

You can also click Listen to Recent Broadcasts to go straight to the program.

If you have expired, you can click Renew Subscription or upgrade your existing subscription.

I’m having trouble logging in and I get the “Authorization Information is Incorrect” message.

Be sure to check that your username and password are correct; remember, the login info is case-sensitive.  There’s a Forgot Password link under the login fields if you need to reset your password.

How do I update the credit card for my recurring subscription?

To update or enter the credit card used for auto-billing on your subscription, first login from the homepage or Members Control Panel tab. From the Control Panel click “Payment Methods” and then Choose either Add New Card if you don’t have one entered, or if you need to change the card click “Edit” or “Delete“.

Rest assured, we take your personal and financial information very seriously. We don’t store any financial information on our site or servers. Your transactions are digitally encrypted and we use a process called tokenization to send your payment request to the credit card processor. We never share your email address or personal information with anyone, ever.

We are also PCI/DSS compliant and you can even verify our status by clicking the Trustwave badge!

I want a non-recurring subscription without automatic billing.

It’s simple to shut off recurring billing for your subscription. When you first login, you’ll see the “Members Control Panel”. From there, click “My Subscriptions“. To the left of the panel under Action, select “Stop Auto Billing“.

You’ll be able to continue your subscription without being billed at the end of your term. If you change your mind and would like to continue to have your credit card billed at the end of your subscription term; just click “Start Auto Billing”.

By default, all of our subscriptions except the free trial start off with auto-recurring billing. If you’ve been charged in error, just give us a call and we’ll refund your transaction.

How do I change my username or password?

Login with the current username and password, then in the Members Control Panel, select “Change Password“. Enter your old password, then enter a new one. If you want to change your username you must either email us or call us at 1.800.829.5646 and we can do that for you!

How do I change my profile information like email address or street address?

In the Members Control Panel select “View/Edit Profile“, There you can update your account address info.

My subscription is expired and I want to renew.

When your subscription reaches the end of it’s term (Billing Cycle) or we’re unable to charge your credit card, You’ll receive an email letting you know. When you visit the site, you’ll also be prompted to renew in the Recent Broadcasts page with this message: “Your subscription is not current. Please upgrade your account to download complete episodes”.

Simply login and click “My Subscriptions“. You’ll be taken to a renewal screen where you can complete the renewal process. After renewing, you’ll be able to access the broadcasts immediately. To view your recent transactions, click “View Transactions“.

I want to subscribe to your podcast with my membership so I can listen with iTunes.

The podcast URL required to subscribe is

In iTunes, click “Subscribe to Podcast” and either copy and paste or enter the above address (URL). Enter your username and password to complete the process. You can access the Podcast either from within iTunes or from a podcast app on your mobile devices.

I Have an Android Tablet or Smartphone and want to get the weekly podcast.

Check out our Podcast Apps Help Page. from there, you can download a podcast app to listen to the weekly Steel on Steel shows! Our RSS feed requires authentication, so we suggest using BeyondPod and Podcast Addict for Android.

The Apple Podcast App won’t download the shows to my iOS device.

Apple has discontinued support for secure podcasts like ours though the Apple Podcast App. The solution? Use an alternate app like Downcast or RSSRadio. Check out our Podcast Apps Help Page. You may also simply download the weekly Steel on Steel program through iTunes on your Mac or PC and sync your iPhone or iPad to transfer the shows.

You can still access the programs through the Safari web browser on your devices; just login, click “Listen Now” and tap the yellow download icon in the weekly show post. Data usage rates may apply.

I get a persistent “Authentication Required” popup screen on my iPhone or iPad that’s telling me to login.

If entering your correct username and password doesn’t work, you’ll need to remove the stored podcast and logins from other devices you sync from. This can occur when you’ve changed the stored Steel on Steel account info on another device or computer (typically iTunes) and then synced or restored a backup to the new device from your computer or iCloud.

Please note: cancelling your subscription will not solve the issue. Start by turning off the wifi connection before removing the Steel on Steel podcast from the affected device. You should also remove the podcast from any computers you use to sync from. Always restart your device to confirm the setting changes. The podcast can easily be set back up and synced to your mobile devices or use a podcast app like Downcast to access the show on your iOS devices.

iTunes won’t download the podcast to my Mac or PC.

For Mac Users:

You may need to update the login info in your Keychain access app:

Open iTunes and go to the Podcasts section of iTunes.
Right click next to the Steel on Steel Podcast and select Delete.
You will be prompted with a window asking if, “Are you sure you want to remove the selected podcasts and their episodes?” Say Remove.
If you have previously been able to download Steel on Steel Podcasts, it will prompt you to either keep the files or move to trash. You will want to keep the files so that you don’t have to re-download them.
After deleting the Podcast, Quit iTunes.
Go to Macintosh HD. ->Go to your Applications. -> Go to Utilities folder within Applications. -> Go to the Keychain Access program within Utilities folder.
Double click the Keychain Access program to launch.
Within Keychain Access, find the entry for
Select and press the delete button. It will prompt and ask you if you’re sure. Click Delete.
You can now quit out of the Keychain Access program. When you go back into iTunes Podcasts, go under Advanced –> Subscribe to Podcasts. Type in in the URL box. It will prompt you to enter your username and password. Remember, the login info is case sensitive. You will have the option to Remember the password which will save it back into keychains. If you previously downloaded SOS Podcasts, go to File –> Add to Library –> navigate to your music folder (or where you have your iTunes folder) –> iTunes –> iTunes Music –> Podcasts –> Steel on Steel Podcast. After selecting where your SOS Podcast folder is, click Open. This will re-add your already downloaded podcasts back into iTunes.

For Windows Users:

Open iTunes and go to the Podcasts section of iTunes.
Right click next to the Steel on Steel Podcast and select Delete. Select Keep Files to save previously downloaded podcasts. After unsubscribing in iTunes, manually resubscribe to the podcast feed again by going to the Advanced menu and selecting, “Subscribe to Podcast” and then entering the URL: Enter your username and password from your Steel on Steel member account. Remember, the login info is case sensitive.

If you previously downloaded SOS Podcasts, go to File –> Add to Library –> navigate to your music folder (or where you have your iTunes folder) –> iTunes –>Library–> Podcasts –> Steel on Steel Podcast. After selecting where your SOS Podcast folder is, click Open. This will re-add your already downloaded podcasts back into iTunes.

I can’t download or when I do, it’s only a small file and no audio.

First, make sure that when you’re saving the file that the filename ends with .mp3. If it ends with .html or any other extension, it’s not a downloadable show.

To download the show to your computer, you should be able to just click the Download button. If that isn’t working you may need to “right-click” the Download .mp3 icon and “Save link or target as”. Choose a download location on your computer such as the Desktop or a personal folder. Click “OK” to begin downloading. This also works with our podcasts.

We also have a “Listen Now” link which allows you to just stream the audio right to your speakers without saving anything to your computer. If you don’t see the player underneath “Listen Now”, you may have to download Adobe Flash Player. Apple iOS devices can stream the audio by clicking the yellow “Download” button.

I’ve downloaded the .mp3 file but I can’t play it.

By default, most computers will play an MP3. For PCs, Windows Media Player plays .mp3 files. If you don’t have it you can download it from Microsoft. You will need an MP3 program such as MusicBee or iTunes to listen to the MP3 files.

I missed a broadcast and want to listen to past shows; how can I access them?

We store the downloadable broadcasts online for six months. If you are a member you can access them on the Recent Broadcasts page.

If you would like older archives, you now have the option to purchase an entire year (all 52 shows) in .mp3 Format on a single DVD disc for only $25 or a handy USB flash drive for $35. Click to visit our Media Store.

Do you have individual shows I can listen to without a subscription?

If you don’t want to be bothered with subscribing, logging in, remembering passwords and such, we offer MP3 downloads of each weekly program for just $2.99 in our Media Store. If you don’t want to download an MP3 but would rather have the program on Audio CD, we have those too! Click here to visit our Media Store!

Is there a list of past weekly Steel on Steel programs available?

We have an interactive Program Guide that displays every episode we’ve aired since the beginning of 2002! You can find it to the left of this page near the top. However, those shows are only available to download with an annual Premium subscription. Subscribe to get started! You may also purchase them on Audio CD in our Media Store!

I want to download a program and burn a CD to share.

          For educational purposes only. Please do not sell any materials you acquire from Steel on Steel Productions.

How to burn a CD of the show:

  • Login and go to the Recent Broadcasts page and choose a show to download in .mp3 format.
  • Right-Click and select ‘Save link as’ then download the file to your computer.
  • Place a blank CD-R into your disc drive and open your burning software.

The methods and steps will vary depending on the software used. Select your platform below.

For Mac users

Windows PC Users

I want to cancel my subscription.

To cancel your subscription immediately, login and click My Subscriptions in the Members Control Panel. Click “Cancel Subscription“. If you want to listen again, you’ll need to resubscribe. Please let us know the reason if you would, so we can resolve any issues you may have encountered.