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Worried about the cost of high-end production? Our media production rates are competitively low and there are no contracts to sign! You specify your budget, schedule, recording, and production requirements and we’ll work with you to get your project off the ground. Get started today with a free consultation by filling out the form below!

For nearly thirty years, news radio production has been the main focus here at the Steel on Steel studio. However, it’s not just the Steel on Steel Radio show that keeps us busy. We produce high quality audio for public radio and internet podcasts. Our highly trained staff records, edits, and produces some of the best audio on the market today! Find out more about Steel on Steel Productions.

Do you currently have a radio program or podcast and want that professional sounding edge? We can fully produce multiple voice, radio quality programming with intro and outtro bumper music and midstream transitions, adding that well-polished quality that sets you above your peers.

We officially produce on a full-time basis, but we can handle multiple production projects with our simultaneous recording and editing bays. Production lead-time is merely hours and we can turn around most projects the same day.

We use Comrex Digital Phone Hybrid and Comrex Digital Access devices to connect you and your guests anywhere around the world. In some instances, your guests may use Skype to connect for the interview. Your audio is joined and recorded locally in our studio for clean and efficient handling. The production staff will edit and filter the recorded audio for a final mixdown to your specification.


À La Carte Services Includeradio production services

  • Multi-track Recording
  • Editing and Mastering
  • Producing intro/outro segment
  • Finding podcast-safe music for intros & outros
  • File Tagging, Upload for Posting


Initial Production Consultation

  • 1 hour free consultation regarding the vision of your program and requirements for production workflow.
  • Discuss equipment requirements and recording schedule.
  • Discuss recording, mastering, editing and posting parameters.
  • Discuss mixdown and posting options and publishing and editorial review hand-off.


Recording Services and Workflow

  • Connecting you with your guest(s) and recording high quality 24bit, 48KHz audio in separate stereo tracks.
  • Monitoring record levels and flagging any potential errors or corrections.
  • Providing scripted voice talent for host/ co-host situations.
  • Voice talent for commercials, midstream spots and announcements.


Audio Editing Services and Workflow

  • Editing out “uhs” and “ums,” prolonged silence, excessive breaths, background room noise, and any other unwanted phrases or audio artifacts. Removing flagged errors and inserting retakes.
  • Vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/ phone/ ground hum removal, balance, level, and EQ.
  • Adding of intros, outros, promos, spots, commercials, or music bumpers.
  • Mixing down to -16 LUFS stereo, or -19 LUFS mono, audio standard for podcasts in high quality 64-320kbps MP3.


Publishing the Final Show

  • Tagging the file with the proper ID3 Meta Tags, Album Art, Title, and SEO Tags.
  • Uploading the final show to your server, cloud storage, or media host.
  • We can do same-day turnaround for time-sensitive information.



Some of our Notable Clients

We’ve produced many programs over the years and some of our distinguished clientele include, but are not limited to:


The McAlvany Weekly Commentary with David McAlvany and Kevin Orrick

McAlvany ICA Financial Group (



The Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava and FS Insider with Cris Sheridan

Financial Sense Wealth Management (



The 66/40 Radio Program of Koinonia House with Dr. Chuck Missler

Koinonia House / Koinonia Institute (






Need Media Production?

Let us know about your media production needs and get our rate card for pricing and production schedule. Fill out the form below and be as detailed as possible with the requirements of your finished product. We look forward to working with you!

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