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Download individual Steel on Steel Videos in MP4 Format right to your computer. They are also iOS and Android compatible. (H.264/aac)

John has delivered these presentations at various conferences over the last several years. Now you can download them individually in a small video file playable on your computer or portable media devices.

Available Video Downloads

$5.00 except where specified otherwise:

The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West – 66 min.
The Road Back - 64min.
The Road Back Extended Version - 100min. ($9.00)
The Next Shoe to Drop - 56min.
The Emerging Church - 165min. ($9.00)
Changing Values - 58min
Coming Persecution 2 - 53min
Four Storms and a Silver Lining - 51min
Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit - 45min
Christians and the Coming Chaos - 57min
What Were We Thinking?
The Anatomy of Persecution - 36 min
Shall Not Have Died in Vain - 48min.
Stumbling Toward an Omega Point - 48min.

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