Malachi Martin Interview Set

Dr. Malachi Martin was a former Jesuit priest, Vatican historian and close associate of Pope John XXIII. He has authored many books about his Vatican findings, including: 'The Keys of This Blood' and 'Windswept House'.

John Loeffler recorded many revealing discussions with Dr. Malachi Martin about his historical research. Some of these informal interviews were aired on the radio broadcast but are now assembled into a single 5-1/2 hour set on MP3 CD-ROM.

This set contains all seven discussions John had with Dr. Martin in the 1990s before his death in 1999. Dr. Martin details shocking allegations of Satanic practices within the Vatican as far back as 1963. One such alleged event was the ‘Enthronement of the Fallen Angel Lucifer' on June 29th 1963. This was done within the citadel by a cadre of cardinals and other ranked Vatican officials.


Total run time: Over 5-1/2 hours.

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Price: $24.99

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