MP3 Archives USB – 4GB

This 4GB Flash drive contains an entire year of Steel on Steel Archives in MP3 format. You get an entire year of broadcasts of our weekly show, including the weekly Section 6 intelligence brief, playable on your computer or portable player. Archived broadcasts since 2014 have the Section 6 Intelligence Brief added and usually run an additional hour. That's over 100 hours of programs per year!

Each broadcast is between 70 to 135 minutes in length with no interruption. Find out what was important each week of the year in the areas of news, politics, economics, religion and education.

Follow John's commentary through the entire year as he connects the dots the mainstream media have missed! Copy the files off to your computer and you have a handy flash drive that shows you also support Steel on Steel! Archive years 2002 to 2018 available! Select the year you want from the list below.


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