Our Mission

The Weekly Program

john_podcastSteel on Steel is hosted by 48-year broadcast veteran John Loeffler, whose commentary reflects independent insight into the driving forces behind contemporary issues from Washington politicians to Main Street. The Steel on Steel radio program is a weekly intelligence briefing dedicated to the sharpening of ideas, news, commentary, interview, information, and debate, much of which you will NOT hear elsewhere. Our goal and pledge is to put together 90+ minutes of solid news and analysis that the mainline media are ignoring by ignorance, bias, and/or neglect. The goal being to educate and equip today’s listener to discern the trends and connect the dots that most others miss.



Worldview Development

Everybody has a worldview, or way of looking at the world. It’s shaped by your values system and personal biases, education, religious beliefs, experiences, etc. Your individual worldview governs your daily thought processes and actions and will ultimately determine your place in life. Steel on Steel is a tool which helps you identify the moving parts of your worldview and gives you insight to discern the truth. Truth is that which pertains to reality. Reality is a great equalizer and when reality becomes real there’s no room for excuses.

Suggested resource: Worldview Wars 5-hour Lecture Set

Worldview Wars is a series of  four lectures by veteran broadcaster, John Loeffler, detailing the competing worldviews of the 20th Century. Philosophers such as Rousseau, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Darwin, Nietzsche, Marx and Dewey have radically altered western culture and threatened to undermine traditional values. Total running time – 5 hours.



Logic and Reason

The “Powers that Be” or PTBs as John calls them, try to convince you to accept, promote, and even fund their own worldview. Progressive elites for centuries have used the dialectic process and the control of the flow of information to sway the masses. For that reason, the “herd” is always running in the wrong direction and missing the truth because the mainstream media is constantly looking in the rear-view mirror to try to tell them whats going on. We identify 27 logical fallacies which are commonplace in society and tie those in with why the PTBs are always getting it wrong.

Suggested Resource: DVD: Stumbling Toward an Omega Point

Why do events today eerily remind us of the perils of yesteryear? For over a hundred years Progressives have incrementally changed society through the dialectic process. John connects the past century to today and projects the state of society in the march toward an eventual omega point.



As John says, “Your failure to be informed doesn’t make me a wacko!

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