The Steel Podcast Network (SPN)

The Steel Podcast Network


Steel on Steel Productions is proud to announce the creation of SPNThe Steel Podcast Network!


In addition to our Steel on Steel ‘Short Show’, you’ll be able to listen to all of our network shows, including: Steve Schiller’s ‘War on Stupid’, The McAlvany Weekly Commentary and more to come!



Listen to our SPN Affiliate Shows



The Steel on Steel ‘Short Show’



Steve Schiller’s ‘War on Stupid’



The McAlvany Weekly Commentary



Candlelight Fellowship with Pastor Paul Van Noy



Get all these shows in one place.

Look for our new mobile app in the next few weeks!

*Get the free SPN mobile app for iOS and Android devices and take us on the road!

*We’ll update once the app becomes available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

The Steel Podcast Network App


Check back for more about our SPN mobile app, the newest program additions to the SPN network, and how you can listen.

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