Steel on Steel Staff Members

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Steel on Steel is produced every week by our handful of dedicated staff and consultants.

Welcome to Steel on Steel! For nearly thirty years, news radio production has been the main focus here at the Steel on Steel studio. However, it’s not just the Steel on Steel Radio show that keeps us busy. We produce high quality audio for public radio and internet podcasts. Our highly trained staff records, edits, and produces some of the best audio on the market today! Find out more about us.

John Loeffler

  • Steel on Steel is hosted by 50+ year broadcast veteran John Loeffler. Learn more.
  • Author, speaker and lecturer
  • Broadcast and media production consultant
  • News and journalism research

Carol Loeffler

  • President and CEO of Steel on Steel Productions
  • Program production and content management
  • Broadcast and media production consultant
  • Admin and Contributor to the Praying for Persecuted Christians Facebook page.

Steve Schiller

  • Producer and co-host of Steel on Steel
  • Media relations and booking
  • Audio editing and production
  • News and Journalism research
  • Host of the ‘Steve Schiller Declares War on Stupid!’ podcast Learn more.

Robert Loeffler

  • Audio and video editing and production
  • Media production and logistics

Brad Grant

  • Audio editing and engineering
  • Media production, graphic design and digital asset management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Contributor and admin for social media and web content
  • Steel on Steel customer support and member services. 1.800.829.5646

Jack Beukelman

  • Technical, communications, and recording / engineering consultant

Joseph Fioramonti

Russell Mann


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