Apr 7, 2018

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Friction Makes the Whole Thing Work

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180014 04/07/2018

Calls for more gun control and even a repeal of the second amendment are gaining traction. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at similarities between comments by young gun control activists today and those from the 1960s. It seems utopia falls further and further away as one gets older and wiser. We need the second amendment so that our first amendment rights won’t be taken away.

When is the law, the law? If federal law makes something illegal but states make it legal, what trumps what? Author and historian Daniel Mallock (www.danielmallock.com) examines sanctuary city laws versus federal law, who determines what is morally right if that is the reason for violating a law, and how Alinsky tactics are being used to disrupt society.

Is there a deep state coup behind the scenes working to undermine and eventually oust President Trump? Investigative journalist and author Jerome Corsi (www.infowars.com) joins us to discuss his book “Killing the Deep State” and offer examples of how the shadow government is working hard to accomplish their agenda and the possible consequences stemming from their illegal activities.

To finish off the show, John and Producer Steve discuss several topics, including climate change, the Pope, the EU banning free speech, and hypocrisy within the sanctuary city ideology.

John’s quote of the week:
The second amendment isn’t really outdated after all, because the people trying to deprive you of your gun rights are trying to deprive you of your rights of religion, speech, and the press as well. It’s the first amendment that provides for those rights, but it’s the second amendment that guarantees that the government can’t take them away.

In this week’s Section 6, John looks at Israeli-Palestinian relations and we play John’s interview with local Idaho station KYMS from March 31 where he speaks about Christian persecution, President Trump’s strategies on multiple fronts, and where we are headed in this country.

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Sep 22, 2012

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Obama’s Middle East Policy is Bankrupt

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120038 09/22/2012

In pursuing news issues on a day to day basis, arriving at the truth of an issue demands filtering through mounds of arguments and counter-arguments plus downright disinformation. As long as reality can be kept at bay, even fallacious arguments survive for a long time in the media. However, when a narrative utterly collapses, it is instructive to witness how those on the wrong side of an issue handle the implosion.

So John’s extended boralogue retraces a history leading up to the Arab spring’s not-surprising collapse into winter, along with an inquiry as to why the media insist on pounding their narratives in the light of glaring contradictions.

Then we’ll see how well the World Council of Churches deals with all of this, even as they have issued a statement concerning the condition of Christians in Pakistan. Dexter van Zile from CAMERA (www.camera.org) joins us.

At the beginning of the decade we heard claims asserting that “Bush stole the election.” What if President Obama wins the popular vote in November’s election but Governor Romney wins the electoral college? Could we be headed for another constitutional or credibility crisis? Tara Ross (www.taraross.com) is an attorney and author of “Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College.”

It’s been a year now since Occupy Wall Street, originally billed as a “day of rage,” burst upon the scene as a counterpart to the Tea Party movement. Since the news media have pounded on the dark forces supposedly inside the Tea Party, what’s the record of OWS? 7,000 arrests in over 100 cities in the country would be a good start. Matthew Vadum (www.matthewvadum.com www.capitalresearch.org) ties the history of OWS to Acorn and the radical leftist movement of the 1960s.

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