Oct 6, 2012

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The Growing Chasm between Judaism and the Liberal Left

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120040 10/06/2012

John’s boralogue kicks off the show by explaining the contrast between those things discussed during Wednesday’s presidential debates and the real issues that are going to have major impacts on Americans in the next four years.

Then, we must ask why the American Jewish population always seems to vote Democratic even though their party is moving increasingly further away from the values of traditional Judaism. Orthodox Rabbi Aryeh Spero (www.causcusforamerica.com) is our first guest to shed some light on the dissonance between Jewish belief and the Democratic Party’s animosity towards Israel and values contained in Torah.

As two more border patrolmen were shot this week, more condemning evidence pours out about what the government new about Operation Fast and Furious, especially due to a Univision investigative report. But now we’ll make the connection between F&F and the recent deadly assault on the U.S. embassy in Libya. It’s a method of checking where the double standards are and what the real single standards might be. Ben Barrack (www.benbarrack.com) is author of “Unsung Davids: Ten Men Who Battled Goliath without Glory.”

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