Aug 29, 2020

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The Coverup Went Viral

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First up this week, we look at the link between China’s Communist Party and the World Health Organization. Claudia Rosett (, Foreign Policy Fellow for the International Women’s Forum, joins us to examine the coverup by both parties at the onset of the Covid outbreak and at every step since.

Next up, we welcome Jeremy Dys (, Special Counsel for the First Liberty Institute, who dives into the First Amendment, specifically the free exercise of religion clause, how it’s often ignored, and how religion in general is treated more like a virus today than Covid.

Recently, a video featuring a group of doctors speaking about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine was arbitrarily deleted from online sites due to supposed dangerous content. Pat Wood (, Founder of Citizens for Free Speech, is back with us, to discuss his organization’s experience with censorship and cancel culture.

Dexter Van ZileWe wrap up this week with long-time guest Dexter Van Zile (, Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA, who looks at the case of a Jewish rabbi who, despite immense fanfare at his hiring, was quietly let go after his support for Israel was discovered. These leftist bullying tactics are spreading from college campuses into the streets and into everyday lives.

08/29/2020 The Coverup Went Viral

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Claudia Rosett – Virus Cover-up by the WHO and China (2:36)
2 – Jeremy Dys – Upholding the Free Exercise of Religion (23:30)
3 – Pat Wood – Censorship and Cancel Culture (44:56)
4 – Dexter Van Zile – Anti-Semitism on College Campuses (1:04:08)

End of Show (1:19:13)

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Jan 3, 2015

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If It Feels Good, Sign Here

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150001 01/03/2015

Welcome to 2015! We are skipping the boralogue this week. Opening up the show is Cal State Fresno professor and Hoover Institute member Bruce Thornton ( He tackles the politics of feminism and shows how it has come full circle from the “if it feels good, do it” philosophy of the 1960s to the regulatory thinking of today.

Next up, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin (, lecturer at the UC Santa Cruz and director of the AMCHA Initiative, discusses the BDS movement (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) against Israel and how it has spawned antisemitism on U.S. campuses.

Finally, we visit with Tom Gallagher (, professor at the University of Bradford in the UK and author of the new book Europe’s Path to Crisis, who discusses the history of the flawed Euro and the likely economic downfall of Europe.

Section 6, our weekly intelligence news briefing, continues its break, but rest assured, John will return in next week with his unique comments on news stories from around the world.

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