Jan 16, 2016

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Point of No Return

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160003 01/16/2016

New Year’s Eve mob attacks rocked the city of Cologne, Germany, as well as many other towns in Europe. Outrage from politicos and the media were directed not at the attackers, but in many cases at the victims! In this week’s boralogue, John takes a look at collapsing narratives of the Left and lists several lessons we should learn from the fallout. It begins with rejecting politically correct nonsense.

In light of these attacks and the inappropriate response, has Europe crossed a point of no return and lost what it means to be European? Judith Bergman (www.gatestoneinstitute.org), a writer and political activist, discusses the police and media cover-up in Germany following the attacks and concludes that European leaders’ refusal to acknowledge the problem in favor of a politically correct narrative has brought about the dissolution of Europe’s identity.

In the United States, President Obama began the year by ignoring the second amendment. Larry Pratt (www.gunowners.org), Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, examines the mental health aspect of Obama’s gun control executive action and states that in order to turn government around, we need to elect candidates who will obey and defend the Constitution.

We finish this week with two court cases, the first from Canada. Andre Schutten (www.ARPACanada.ca), Ontario Director of ARPA Canada, updates us on the status of the country’s euthanasia laws, showing that when politics is driving medicine, morals and ethics are swept away.

The second case, involving government interference, originates from Montana. Wen Fa (www.pacificlegal.org), Public Interest Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, reveals that Montana’s revenue office has denied tax credit scholarships to students who wish to go to private religious schools, in complete defiance of their own state legislature.

John’s quote of the week:
“We cannot allow to happen here what is happening in Europe. And it begins with rejecting manipulative concepts such as efforts to force us to censor or self-censor speech under the guise of hate speech, micro-aggressions, or all the latest nonsense this crowd keeps cooking up and has cooked up for over half a century. The freedom of many countries in the English-speaking world actually depends upon it.”

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