Oct 27, 2012

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How Do You Deal with Oxymorons When you Meet Them?

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120043 10/27/2012

John’s boralogue kicks off the show with an observation that the proud illogic expressed by tolerance and diversity has shifted. Adherents are now saying certain types of intolerance are OK. Go figure. It’s reached a new level of oxymoronic nonsense.

Then we’ll chase the boralogue with a conversation with columnist Arnold Ahlert, who writes for Jewish World Review and Frontpage Magazine (www.jewishworldreview.com), (www.frontpagemag.com). We’ll connect the suspension of a college diversity director with media coverage of the Middle East. It’s a wild conversation, but totally interesting and there really is a common thread.

You’ve probably heard President Obama promoting a Common Core Curriculum as an educational standard for the country, as federal bureaucrats tempt states into signing on, usually by bribing them with laptop computers. But what are these standards? Do teachers know they’re gradually being replaced by computers? Why does the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation keep popping up in the middle of all this? Do parents know their children’s information will be data based? Dr. Mary Grabar, Ph.D., (www.dissidentprof.org) (www.marygrabar.com) is one of a group of dissenting professional educators who believe the current “reform” is no reform.

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