Aug 18, 2012

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Stock Market and Surveillance

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120033 08/18/2012

Today’s program weaves a strange continuity of the thread introduced a few weeks ago in the area of surveillance of American citizens.

Imagine if Hitler had the surveillance technology of today’s electronic world. Would any Jews have survived in Europe? Little-known stories from the holocaust help us form an answer. Benjamin Wood is author of the book, “Defying Evil.”

Then we’ll jump to “high frequency trading” on the stock market, where computers are now overwhelming their human masters and running the world of high finance. This dovetails directly with shows we have done on trans-humanism and surveillance. High frequency trading is taking us to destinations where computers may actually determine life and death issues in a game which everyone hates, but no one can get out. Cris Sheridan guests. (

The communists used to say capitalists would sell Marxists the rope the Marxists would use to hang capitalists. There is no lack of organizations willing to help make a high surveillance society possible, and its seems the US/Mexico border is a key beta test site for playing with a plethora of new high-tech snoopy gadgets. Border Security Expo 2012 took place in March of this year and Todd Miller ( was there.

John’s boralogue frames the direction of today’s show.

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