Nov 4, 2018

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Featured Video: The Anatomy of Persecution

Featured Video: The Anatomy of Persecution

The Anatomy of Persecution – 36min.


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DVD: The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West – 66 min. $14

Will we in America, the West, and the Church recognize the formal processes that are advancing against us on all fronts? John covers the five stages of persecution, identifies the weak spots in our defenses, and offers hope for the future.

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By Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

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Sep 27, 2017

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Message of Thanks from Christian Pakistani Refugees in Thailand

Brother Saleem Gabrail sends his thanks to all of those who helped his family to emigrate from Thailand to Canada. Thank you to all who remember the plight of Christian Pakistani refugees in Thailand and to those who have given so they may be free. Support Pastor X who remains in Thailand ministering to the refugees there. Pray for the safety of him and his family as they are also refugees in that country.

Thank you, Pastor X for translating this message and for the work you do ministering to the Body of Christ and delivering the gospel in a hostile place.

Join us in supporting Pastor X with your giving through Candlelight Fellowship. 100% of the proceeds are directed toward helping him and other refugees meet their basic daily needs as well as pay for the expenses incurred through the emigration process. Donate Here.

For more information on how to help, join us on the Praying for Persecuted Christians Facebook page today. Join Now.

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