Dec 29, 2018

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Across the Aisle

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180052 12/29/2018

Happy New Year everyone! The battle is on between traditional Judeo-Christian values and the Neo-Marxist imposter worldview of the last 70 years. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at how these Marxist values are extending beyond politics and into our churches. Many churches are falling prey to the imposter worldview which has resulted in a departure from scripture. John offers a challenge – be salt and light in the Word or close your doors.

It’s important to understand the perspective of those from the left side of the aisle. We welcome to the program progressive author and business owner Patrick Andendall (, who debates with John about voter suppression, gun control, abortion, and global warming. If we don’t have discussions with those we disagree with, solutions may never be achieved.

Two weeks ago we discussed the Mueller investigation and how it has affected author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi. Mr. Corsi ( joins us this week to give a first-hand account of his interactions with and treatment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller plus his efforts to fight back against what he calls a corrupt prosecution.

John’s quote of the week:
Churches are collapsing one behind the other as millennials are moving into the church. Many millennials have been raised by secular atheist institutions and have worldviews hostile to Christianity. Churches are attempting to adjust to the hostile worldview rather than standing as a light against it.

In this week’s Section 6, we play an interview John gave with Mike LeMay last week on his show Stand Up for the Truth on Q90FM in Wisconsin. John discusses cognitive dissonance, the hypocritical nature of inclusivity, the growing problem with church leadership, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s thoughts on stupid people.


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Sep 15, 2012

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That Nagging Cognitive Dissonance in the Middle East

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120037 09/15/2012

Given all of the events of the week in the Middle East and the global monetary situation, have you noticed that nagging cognitive dissonance you’re feeling in your gut? It’s caused by the widening gap between the politically correct narratives about the Middle East and the contradicting realities which are unfolding, right on schedule as we predicted.

John’s extended boralogue addresses the politically correct narratives of the last two years spun by the global media around the Arab Spring, and why the media just can’t bring themselves to abandon the narratives in the face of strong contradicting evidence.

Then former Independent Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura joins us for a spirited chat, where he maintains that it doesn’t make any difference whom we elect if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, because they’re all playing the same soak-the-people game together and nothing has changed for years. Governor Ventura details his vision of the urgent tasks necessary to rescue the country along with commentary on his new book, /”DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans.”/

We got a real belly laugh this week when the Internal Revenue Service said it wouldn’t be involved in enforcing Obamacare. Really? I thought the Supreme Court said the whole thing is constitutional because it’s a tax. So why wouldn’t they be involved? Dr. Keith Smith ( returns to the program for the latest realizations about where an underfunded and over-regulated Obamacare will take us.

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