Oct 14, 2020

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John Loeffler: Revolutions – With or Without Morals

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Where does cancel culture lead?  In today’s podcast, John looks at the history of revolutions, the events that led up to them – including different iterations of cancel culture – and the reason why they succeed or fail.  Logic and reason play a big part.  If logic and reason move forward decoupled from God, revolutions always fail.  America’s revolution coupled logic and reason with morality and we are still here.  Basing a government on morals allows more controls on government and more freedoms to the people.  That’s why cancel culture, which is absent from morality, has never worked, cannot work now, and will never work.


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Nov 24, 2018

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Answering the Call

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180047 11/24/2018

As countries or covenants or agreements get older and older there is a tendency to drift away from the original principles. In this week’s boralogue, John notes that sometimes we may forget where we come from so when things drift markedly from where they should be in this country, we should get back to the beginning. The freedoms in the Constitution, which made this country unique and successful, are a good place to start.

We welcome to the show an old friend of John’s, Burt Yellin (www.roehisrael.org), Rabbi at Roeh Israel, a Messianic church in Denver, Colorado. The two discuss the state of the country today, the difference between Jews in Israel and Jews in America, and how Burt answered the call of ministry after years of searching.

Trusting in God can lead to second guessing and interesting prayers, but eventually He calls and it’s up to us to trust Him enough to answer. Physician and missionary Dr. Paul Williams (www.whenallplansfail.com) joins us to review his new book on how your decisions can affect your path in life and shares how God’s calling in his life led to relief for many around the world.

We all know that Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been caught censoring conservatives who espouse views they don’t agree with, but how did we get to this point? Investigative journalist and economist James Simpson (www.crisisnow.net) examines the Marxist infiltration of education and advocates for reform of regulations if things are going to change in the future.

John’s quote of the week:
Countries have fights, disputes, and conflicts, but we all get into this crisis moment in which people forget how our country was started. For us, that was freedom. And that is what we should be fighting for.

In this week’s Section 6, we play an interview John gave last week on Stand Up For The Truth on Q90FM in Wisconsin with Mike LeMay. John discusses the liberal mindset, the word ‘nationalist’ in our political discourse, the dividing nature of the Alinsky method, the latest with the Catholic Church, and the differences between positive and negative rights.


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